Sunday, August 24, 2008

Update from Ohio

We're here at the TA Nationals, where it's hot as....well, it's hot! But, being in the winner's circle this year and having a hotel room right here has its advantages. I've been staying inside with Zachary a lot during the hot hours, only going out briefly to see some cars, shine ours up a bit, etc.

On a great note, he seems to be all better from the virus he came down with earlier in the week. Last night, we were able to enjoy the cruise-in to nearby Tipp City, where we ate at the Coldwater Cafe (awesome place...see my post from last year about it), browsed the craft/artist shops in the old hotel store, and bought some stuff for the girls in the little toy store there. Zachary did very well all night there and was amazed by the toy store. I put him in his sling facing outward and he tried to grab at everything we passed :)

Megan, unfortunately, developed a mild version of the virus with fever and sore throat, but Nana has fixed her all up and she's much better today, I hear. My own throat has been a bit sore today. Families share everything, right? :)

Letting Zach take a quick nap before the closing awards that start soon. Eating a few cookies, sitting in the A/C, blogging on Bryan's laptop, while watching The Two Towers on the hotel cable. Lovin this little mini-vacation. Tomorrow, we head back home. I'll catch up with you all then.

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