Sunday, April 30, 2006

Shame on me...

Well, after contemplating my crazy post from the other day, I realize that I sounded like a rebellious teenager, but you know, I was never that rebellious as a teenager or even in college. I sat in my dorm room for three years and studied before I got married, then I sat in our apartment and studied for another year and a half :) It's time for a little rebellion.

I am not trying to thumb my nose at God's grace. But we all do it sometimes, don't we? When we tell "little white lies"--"Your hair looks....great!". When we promise to play with our kids and get too busy and forget. When we pass the homeless person on the side of the road. We all forget how much God has done for us every day, in the busyness of life.

I'm still confused though, how and where to draw the line when it comes to media/entertainment. How many curse words are too many? 1 or 10? How much nudity is too much? A belly button or a silhouette of a breast? How much violence is ok? Even if you try to watch/listen to only "Christian approved" entertainment, how can you be sure it's Biblically sound? It's like I'm darned if I do and darned if I don't. (Notice I used the word darned--Is iti ok to use substitutes for curse words when you know what the real meaning is?) You probably see what I mean. I guess I'll sum it up by saying I'm just not going to worry about it so much. I'll do what's best for my family as much as I can, but if we hear a curse word in a movie, and if my girls say it, I'll just tell them that's not nice--I'll guide them the right way and hope they keep heading in the right direction.

Now I'm heading to church because I don't want to be a heathen ALL day. :)

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I'm worn out. I can't seem to get enough sleep. Still haven't adjusted well to the time change yet, I suppose. I try for 7-8 hours a night, but some nights I'm just tensed up all night. Wake up tired and cranky. *grrrr*

Tired emotionally and spiritually too. So much going on in the lives of people I care about. I don't know how to keep up in prayer, my mind is so fuddled I don't know what to pray for half the time. Tired of struggling to keep up with "mainline" Christianity. Every aspect of my life has "worldly" elements. I'm just me. I'm not perfect and I don't want to be sometimes.

I have great respect for those who have strong convictions and hold to them, unwavering--that's awesome and I hope I can only strengthen my own self and family convictions as time goes on. Establish family values that will last, that the kids can grow up and say, "That's how I was brought up, and I'm ok." I'm working toward stability, consistency, routines that help our family grow in a walk with Christ within this world. Where to draw the line with some things, I'm not sure, but I'm testing the waters, feeling out what works and what doesn't for our family. And I think we'll be ok.

Another cute pic!

Zoe, 15 months old and can't stay awake for snack time. The cookies were just too much. And it was almost nap time. I could't resist.

Thunder over Louisville pic

Hubby took some great pics--MANY pics of Thunder on Saturday. I have a few for you to see.

Great fireworks from our rooftop perch. You can see the Galt House to the right, the fireworks coming from the Second Street bridge in the middle, and blocking our view to the left is the new Muhammed Ali building. No one from the Louisville area knew what it's purpose is, except that you can see Muhammed Ali's face on the side of the building from far away, and it just looks hideous up close :)

The fastest plane we got to see at the airshow earlier in the afternoon. The Blue Angels were the fastest, but we got there late, as usual. This one was very fast and very loud. Zoe was a little scared, but then said, "Ooooooo!" and pointed every time it came by :)

Meg was so cute in this pic. No, she's not sitting on the building's edge, just a little wall on the roof between our building and the neighboring one. She found some kids to play with and of course made instant friends, tossing a ball around and giggling up a storm. She'd rather play with kids than watch the airshow :)

A great formation of 6 little planes. I never know the names of the planes. Just "big", "little", "loud", "fast"--whatever. Anyway, they were almost the last ones of the evening and stayed in tight formation, like they were one big plane. Amazing control those guys have.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My new exercise

I've sort of fallen off the exercise wagon again for a couple of weeks. At least, structured exercise. I've discovered something new--playing outside with the kids. Not just standing around or sitting and watching them play--actually getting out there and playing with them. I didn't realize how much you could move around while just playing in the backyard. We kick balls and run after them, play baseball, catch, and I chase Zoe all over the place, keeping her from eating rocks. Man, can she move fast on those 15-month old legs!

Yep, 15 months old today, and my dad's birthday too. 59 today. I called him to wish him happy birthday and apologize for not having mailed his card yet (I'm terrible about those things) and he said a phone call was worth more than any old card. *awwww* That made me feel nice. I guess our loved ones would always rather hear our voice than get a generic card in the mail. Of course, I got one from the girls and want Meg to sign it herself, which is always a treat for grandparents to read :)

So, there's my day again. I'm trying to talk myself into doing 8-minute abs and not completely rebel against the exercise "man". I want to look great in a new swimsuit for the beach in June! Woohoo! If only I could do something about those breasts...well, that'll have to wait until one more baby is done with them. New boobies! Woohoo! I'm really warming up to the idea.

And can you believe I've blogged two days in a row? I think my Depo shot is wearing off so my mind is clear enough to think again :) LOL!!! But next week, new birth control for a while, more mind fog. *sigh*

Monday, April 24, 2006

It's been so long....

Sorry it's been so long. I just can't seem to get into blogging mode. Every now and then, a thought pops into my head and I think, "I would love to blog that!" But then, I'm up to my elbows in a poopy diaper or picking up kids from pre-school, or wiping apple sauce off the floor. Then there goes the thought, and I can't think of anything to blog about.

So, what have I been doing that's interesting? Well, this past weekend, we attended Thunder over Louisville, a great airshow and fireworks show to kick off Kentucky Derby week. We were fortunate to know someone who owned a building right on Main Street and could sit out on the roof and watch the whole thing. Awesome weather and great shows! The girls loved it. Zoe was in awe of the fireworks-sat in my lap wide-eyed, pointing her little fat finger and babbling about it every now and then.

Zoe's 15 months old and walking fast! She even climbs pretty well too, if she can reach. I've been taking the kids outside almost every day to play, stocking up on new outdoor toys every time I go to Wal-Mart. I'm still keeping Meg's pre-school buddy and he'll be here full-time in the summer. It's great having a little boy around. I hope we can keep him entertained this summer. I think we'll make lots of park trips and do the summer reading program at the library.

Our vacation is FINALLY planned out! We are going to Lover's Key Resort near Fort Myers in Florida. Five nights, six days of beautiful beaches and peace and quiet. Away from the main drags. I'm so excited. We got good flight deals into Tampa--$69 per person one way. Renting a cheap rental car, got the internet special on the room. I think I can pay for most of the trip with the money I've been saving from my mystery shopping/surveys/babysitting. It's great for stay-at-home moms to be able to make some money on thte side. Great for taking much-needed vacations and having little extras, like hair coloring :) Which I need to do before we go--the gray is showing!

Maybe I'll get one of my hubby's fireworks pics posted soon. He took some great ones. He's becoming a really great photographer. And I mostly use the camera for work :) He actually bought it for me, I think--a Canon Rebel EOS--is that right?. It's an awesome digital camera with lots of memory and lots of features. I haven't been able to jump into the photographer mode and figure out what all it does--I just haven't made the time to learn. I do ok with the fully auto mode, though :)

Hopefully, I'll get a blog urge again soon. Until then, God bless your hearts!