Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What a big weekend!

First, the big news--my firstborn has lost her first tooth. The "toothless wonder", as her aunt so aptly named her received $5.00 from the tooth fairy this morning. (well, actually last night around 11pm...shhhh!)

Megan has been tuckered out every day after school. We left not long after she got off the bus on Friday evening to leave the girls with their grandparents for the weekend. She was asleep about 1/2 hour into the drive.

The 23rd Trans Am Nationals was held this weekend in Dayton, OH. After 7 years, we finally won first place in our class! Here's Bryan after he received our trophy. I do say "OUR" because I worked just as hard as he did to get that car shined up. I'm the "interior queen". I've crawled around the interior of our 30th anniversary Trans Am for 7 years now, shining and polishing, taking duct tape to get lint off the carpet, etc. I've been pregnant for three of those years too!

Together with our first "baby" and our trophy. Next year will be awesome--we get to sit in the "Winner's Circle", which means I won't be crawling around the interior...much! We'll have our new baby with us then too, which is great timing!

Last, but definitely not least, the most fun part of the show for me, aside from finally winning first place--the cruise-in at Tipp City, OH, just north of Dayton. It's a wonderful little artsy, victorian-ish community with all kinds of little antique and art shopes and my favorite place to eat of all time--the Coldwater Cafe! It's worth the trip just for that place.


Kim said...

Hey Misty...just wanted to let you know I am looking forward to lunch Friday. Congrats on the new baby too!!!

Misty said...

Thanks! I'm all for a girls' day (or hour) out! Any time with adult conversation is great in my book :)

Joni said...

Congratulations on the Trans Am!! That's very fun.