Monday, January 18, 2010

Workin, workin, workin...

It almost feels like a new job now. But one I like.

I've started a few new things this week. I joined an online critiquing group where members can post their stories and get feedback. They have a really nice system set up there. The more you give feedback to others, the more points you earn. You use those points to post your own stories. The stories are set in a queue and when they receive at least 6 reviews or are there for a week, they are moved out of the queue and new stories are moved up. I like it so far.

I also signed up for a paid writing class from a writing school. Class begins next week. Since I had originally intended to start biology grad school this semester, I thought I'd fill in that education gap with a legitimate class to study writing.

Currently, I'm working on a new children's story that I'm excited about. It should be finished soon and I will be sending it out to see if it finds a home. I'm hoping the next few months will bring lots of updates, even if they are rejections.

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Anonymous said...

Just catching up on your bloggy writing life. Love the updates. You will be a great writer. I'm very proud of you and the things you are pursuing. Keep us posted! Great job!