Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday ice storm update

The kids and I are still holed up in Adair County, eating my in-laws out of house and home :)  Bryan says our power is back on, and our neighbor Harold, but only because we share a line with the water company.  Lucky us I guess.  It seems sporadic, however, so we're still waiting it out here until things stabilize.  

There is a boil water advisory for our county, and I saw on the local news that our schools will be closed until further notice.  So, no rush in going back.  Though, I just talked with Bryan and he says we may be able to come back mid-week.  

Our church is still a shelter, though they now have power, since they share a line with the hospital.  Bryan took their generator and helped wire it up to First Baptist church last night.  He's also helped a few friends wire up their generators for home and business.  

I'm wondering when we'll get back into having Meg's Upward basketball games and practices.  I guess that'll be cancelled until further notice as well, since it's held in our church.  It's like the whole county is just on hold until further notice.  

Well, at least I have my laptop and a wireless connection here, so I can play Everquest and blog to my tens of readers, most of whom don't have power and can't read it anyway :)

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