Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday ice storm update

The kids and I made it into Adair County last night. We met Bryan's mom and dad in Bowling Green, where they gave Bryan some more cans of gas, groceries, and 1000 cups for our church. They ran out of cups while serving as a shelter for hundreds of people in our community. Bryan delivered them last night when he went back. And we came on back here.

This was one time that I was glad we had family that lived outside the area. Otherwise, we'd all be in the same boat. Luckily, Adair County, and points south and east of here, were not badly affected by the ice storm. They just barely missed it.

Watching GMA this morning, I heard a blurb from the local news that it could be up to a month before power is restored in our county. I certainly hope that is a worst-case scenario. I have no idea how long we'll be here, but I'm glad we could go somewhere safe and warm.

I had a lot of reservations about leaving home. I wanted to stay and be there in case anyone needed help or shelter, but taking care of "the three" is my first priority, and with "the three" in tow, I can't be of much help. Bryan is staying behind, though, manning the ship, so to speak. He'll be working, helping at the church, and helping anyone else he can. Our home is still open to anyone who needs a shelter. E-mail me if you know anyone who needs to stay and I'll get you in contact with Bryan.

Until next time, I'll miss all of my friends back home and I pray that God will supply all your needs and keep you safe.

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