Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random stuff

Don't ya hate it when you mess up badly and have to face the consequences? To illustrate: I love online bill paying. So much more simple than writing checks and having stamps on hand, etc. Except when you send a payment to the wrong biller. Cingular has now gotten a large Discover Card payment and I now have a nice credit on our cell phone account, except I don't need a credit there...I need a payment at Discover. Upon calling them, I am informed I have to wait 9 days before I can call and have them overnight the refund back to me. To make sure it has cleared my bank and I'm not trying to scam them. *bonking myself in the head*

Moving on....Zachary is in the weaning process. We're down to 3 nursings a day. I am really going to miss nursing him, except that he's become a really rude nursling. He pulls, tugs, pinches, kicks, sratches my face, and pulls my hair. I guess it's best that way, or otherwise I'd really miss nursing him more. My goal has been to nurse each one for a year, and so far, I've met that goal.

Finally, I've been perusing Marriages are under Satan's constant attack, and Christian marriages are no less immune. There are great ideas there to help anyone strengthen their marriage. Don't wait until there's trouble brewing to work on your marriage. It takes constant effort. Now get to reading!


Theresa said...

Bummer about the payment. I've always been too chicken to pay bills online. If stamps keep going up though, guess I'll cave.

Left you a little gift on my blog.

Misty said...

I definitely love the online bill paying. If anything, it's probably MORE secure than writing checks as people can steal your mail.