Monday, January 12, 2009

Computah rehaul

Somehow, I've managed to get two bad video cards in a row on my laptop. They should run fine up to 120C, but they booger up around 50 or 60C. My favorite game, consequently, is quite taxing on the video card and I can't run it under 60C. *ahem*

So, it's time for a rehaul. We've been needing extra memory to store and backup things, so hubby is looking into buying 3 new harddrives for the downstairs PC to run in a RAID 5 configuration (don't ask me to explain took hubby about an hour to give me a basic understanding of it) to allow us to back up and store data, pics, etc to keep the laptop as free as possible. We're also installing a modified version of Windows XP called "tiny XP" that will run only the most basic setup without all the crazy applications nobody ever uses. And, we have a new video card coming from Ebay.

Today, I'm cleaning up old files and organizing them so we can move them downstairs and scrub this hard drive. It's kinda scary thinking about that, but hopefully if we rehaul this thing, I'll be back to Everquest II soon....and also we'll be able to burn DVD's of our home videos and other things without getting the "blue screen of death".

It's not ALL about the games, people. But since I can't play Everquest yet, I have to settle for Webkinz. A girl's gotta play sometimes!

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