Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday ice storm update

We have water this morning, so Bryan and I both took showers.  He went in to work this morning.  I'm going to give the girls baths while we have water.  Bryan says the water plant may be low on gas for their generator so the water may not be here to stay.

The worst news is that all of KU's western grid is out--that means no power for anyone west of Louisville that they supply.  I heard on the news that about a million people across 20 states are without power, and it's likely going to be days or up to a week before any significant areas are back in power.  The local KU plant actually shut down yesterday because they had no where to send out the power.

Gasoline for generators is in such demand that there are shortages all over our region.  Bryan stood in line yesterday at Southern States for an hour and a half to fill up our gas cans.  The generator will run for 8- 10 hours with 7 gallons of gas.  If we hear that we can't find enough gas for the next couple of days, I probably will be coming to Adair County with our kids for a few days.  

Bryan was out all day yesterday helping the church wire up a large generator that the National Guard loaned them.  The church is now a shelter, and by the time he got home last night, he said it was filling up fast.  When a young girl with a small baby came up to him to thank him while he was working, he knew all those long hours were worth it.  

So, to conclude, our 2 guest rooms are ready for anyone who needs them, we have plenty of food for now, and our water is working as of now.  Phone service is sketchy.  Most of the time, I can't call out, but people seem to call in fine.  Our cell phones have been out until just now, and I have service, but not sure if that will last.

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