Thursday, July 24, 2008

My new favorite cleaning gadget

I have bought many cleaning gadgets over the years, hoping for some relief from the drudgery of housework. Many of them are living lonely lives in my cleaning closet, just cluttering it up. I've often found they actually don't make things any easier, but add work instead.
This time, h0wever, I think I've found THE gadget! The Swiffer Sweep n' Vac. I bought one at Wal-Mart the other day, using a $5 off coupon you can get here.
I charged it up for 24 hours, put a swiffer cloth on it and went to work in my dining room. Oh, the joy! I hate cleaning the dining room floor. Those little piggies I call daughters are so messy--crumbs everywhere. I usually either use the broom/dustpan, followed by a Swiffer, or use the Swiffer itself, followed by the broom/dustpan or the Dustbuster. Now, just a few minutes of running the Swiffer vac over it, and all done--all the crumbs, dust, hair, and all. Doesn't get the stuck on stuff, so I'll still need to mop that. I was able to do the dining room floor and a really thorough kitchen sweep (Meg wanted to use it too) before the battery even started to get low.
Hopefully it'll be my new best cleaning friend!


n1accord said...

This sounds good. I may have to invest in one of these myself.

Theresa said...

I bought my Dear Aunt the swiffer mop vac and she loves it. Said it works perfectly on her floor and it is light weight enough for her to use it without hurting her heart (congestive heart failure).