Tuesday, July 22, 2008

32 years ago today....

Here came trouble! Yep, it's my birthday. I've had a busy but good one so far. I saw a magic show with the girls at the summer reading program finale this morning. Then we had lunch with hubby, had ice cream at DQ, then headed back home for some naps. Now, getting ready for swim lessons with the girls at 5. Not too bad, I guess, since birthdays get less exciting as I get older :)

Just for kicks and giggles, here are some nostalgic pics of me in the seventies. Enjoy!

My mom Linda and me, May 1977

My granny Kessie and me, April 1977

My granny Kessie, bro Marty, and me, May 1977

Me at 2, circa 1978


5purposedriven said...

I have been trying to figure out whose birthday it was ALL. DAY. LONG!

I'm so glad I know now, it was driving me nuts! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I would not want to have missed it!!!

Love you, sis. Keep walking it out. You inspire me, and you are doing great!

Susan said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!

your sis-in-crime, Cheryl said...

you look so much like Zoe! she looks a lot like you in these pics.

touchofglory said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Jules said...

I love the safari hat in the last picture. Happy Birthday.