Monday, June 23, 2008

Wellness mantra 2

"Get in gear and move your rear!"

I've never been athletic and don't even like to sweat. Yet, I know that moving my body will make it stronger and give me more energy. Apart from chasing my kiddos (which is a kind of exercise in itself), I'm not much into routine exercise. Plus, it's difficult to get out and head to a gym or health club, etc, so I have to be creative and exercise at home.

So, I'm trying to fit that into my day. I have a new beginner Pilates DVD and tried that this morning, along with 8 min arms and abs. Not good at the pilates yet. I did the first 8 minute beginners' segment. I'm going to have to practice a lot to develop the range of movement needed to be successful at that :)

I don't want to get bored and burned out, so my goal is to move my rear most days of the week, and vary it up with walking, treadmill, videos, and even just playing with the girls. From the little I've done the past few weeks, I can already tell a small difference in tightness and energy.

Alright now, ladies, the goal is not supermodel or bodybuilder bodies here, just more energy, strength and flexibility. Tell me how you move your rear!


Cheryl said...

from the couch to the fridge.....JUST KIDDING!!!! my friend and I have been walking. That is def more exercise for me because before i didn't exercise at all. Not enough time when you are in school :) I am loving my new life. All this time and things are getting's great!!

Anonymous said...

Right now, eyes healing and getting back to house painting are preoccupying my life.

Balance...I like your approach. That's what I'm let to this time. Not a driven approach, not a competitive approach, just one that pursues health and wellness.