Monday, May 19, 2008


*Edit--I forgot to add that Zachary slept the entire time he was there in his carseat, the little booger. I had pumped about 10 oz of milk for him and brought his bottle, warmer, and all that and didn't even need it. :) The milk is now in the freezer for future use.

Thanks to my dear friend "Maggie" and her fabulous family, we were able to catch a Sunday matinee showing of Iron Man for our 11th anniversary outing. Awesome movie. I ate so much popcorn, that some of the kernels cut my mouth and drank so much soda I couldn't blink for a while, but boy, was it nice to see an uninterrupted movie. Well, except for the couple making out in clear view of everyone (get a room--sheesh!), it was really great. Gearing up for the new Batman sequel later in the summer.

It's such a blessing to have friends nearby willing to watch our kiddos when we're so far from our family to easily have date nights. We have a couple in our church with the same situation as ourselves that we do babysitting exchanges with. That's really handy too when your family is far away, or even if they're close by, but not always available. I think we're finally ready to start babysitting for them again too.

Still waiting on my Angelcare monitoring system, so hopefully more sleep will be in my near future, and hopefully after that, more exercise! I'm ready to firm up this flabby mama body.

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Anonymous said...

I love the way one of them said, "I-ron Man"!
Apparently they DID ask their dad if they could make puddles and play in the hose, and he said..."yes".

I'm not real sure why...but at least they weren't quite as rebellious as I thought! Not that it hurt them, just not usually my choice of babysitting fun on a breezy day!