Monday, May 19, 2008

And now, a poem for your reading pleasure

From my sis-in-law Cheryl, who's been witness to this craziness for all 16 years of it (including dating time) :) Enjoy!
Bryan and Misty’s Poem

Bryan and Misty
Was a lovely pair
they mumble in words no one understands
but they don’t care

their eyes twinkle for one another
misty couldn’t be a better mother

their love has grown for many years
they have had blood sweat and tears

they have 3 kids
their wild little monkeys
but they wouldn’t give them back for a month of Sundays

Oh yes, they may be tired and they may be weak
But the future is bright and doesn’t look bleak

Misty works at home
Bryan works away
When he gets home they hit the hay

Now I tell the love they have it’s one of a kind
If you can’t see it then you might be blind

So here is my little poem I wrote for you
Stay together, hold each other tight, and love will see you through



Susan said...

too cute!

Misty said...

Bryan's comment (since he lurks here but won't actually post):

"Bryan and Misty

Was a lovely pair"

Did I miss something? Did we die?

cheryl said...

UHHH we might need to change that :) I meant to say what a lovely pair.

Theresa said...

too sweet

Jules said...

Fabulous poem.

It speaks to all of us mommies.