Friday, May 16, 2008

Confessions of a not-so-perfect mom

Zachary likes to sleep on his tummy. He hates sleeping on his back. I know all about the putting babies down on their backs thing to help prevent SIDS. His doc expressed concern at his 2 month checkup last week when I told her he was a tummy sleeper. So, since then, we've been laying him down on his back. And since then, I've been a walking zombie.

Last night he did a bit better, sleeping from 10 to 1:30, then he got restless and I put him in bed beside me and he slept until 4:30. I guess I should amend that first paragraph to say he hates sleeping on his back in his bed, but with me, lying beside me on my body pillow--that he's fine with :) I'm not so fine with it, but it's the only way I can get any sleep sometimes.

Anyway, we have ordered an "Angelcare" monitoring system that goes under his bassinet pad and detects movement and has an alarm if nothing is detected for 20 seconds. So, if he doesn't adjust to the back-sleeping thing by the time it gets here, we're going to let him tummy-sleep with that thing so I won't feel quite as worried about it. It may sound selfish, but y'all, I just got to have some sleep. I'm afraid I'm going to drop the baby or something if I don't.

And we've tried swaddling, propping, rocking, feeding him to sleep, etc. He just doesn't like the back thing. Hope you don't think I'm a bad mama, but with two other kids to raise, sleep is precious around here.

In other news, looks like we'll be going out for our anniversary on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully we'll catch a matinee.


Anonymous said...

Both of my kids were stomach sleepers. After they started to roll over, if you laid them on their backs, they flipped right to their stomachs. You know, the medical community changes their views on these things every few years. I know I'm part of the medical community, but I'm also a mommy who needs her sleep! When my pediatrician (who doesn't have children!) expressed disapproval about things, I politely told her that she may too change her views when she had babies and had to get up to go to work!

Theresa said...

Jeremy slept on his tummy too, of course that was before they determined it wasn't healthy. Glad we didn't tell him because he's healthy as a horse now.

Anonymous said...

I agree. With my first, I got up in the night to see if they were still breathing.
With my second, I used a monitor by my bed to hear they were still breathing. By my third, I figured if they weren't breathing, I'd handle it much better with some sleep.