Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Friday...*woo*

Since I'm about to fall asleep as I sit here, I'll keep it rather short and sweet.

Zachary and I have seen our chiropractor twice now this week. He claims to be able to fix my sinus/neck/back issues and to help Zachary sleep more comfortably on his back. He thought that Zachary tended to favor turning his head to his left and that the birth probably got his spine and neck out of alignment, so he wasn't comfortable lying with his head tilted back in the bed. Haven't noticed any significant changes yet, but my sinus drainage is better. If he doesn't sleep well tonight, I'm breaking open the Angel Care monitor I received and we're putting him back on his tummy. Hopefully I haven't spoiled him already by putting him by me in bed when he's been fussy. We'll see.

This weekend, a long holiday weekend. Usually spent out of town with the family. Not this year. I'm without a husband this time around. Anybody want to loan me theirs? ;) Bryan has been working very hard, long hours on the scheduled spring outage at the power plant to fix maintenance/programming issues before the big summer demand starts. As the plant engineer, he's got to be there all weekend long to do the debugging as they start back up. I do mean all weekend too. I may see him a few hours when he comes home to sleep a bit, but other than that, just me and the kiddos. I rebelled and bought burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, drinks, ice cream and snacks because I'm going to grill out whether he's here or not. I can't make it through a Memorial Day without some grilled food. Really, though, pray for his and his crew's safety, especially travelling safety as they'll be really tired when they do come home.

And the sad thing....I watched Megan get on the bus this morning for her last day as a Kindergartener. She's very excited. I'm sad to see it over so soon. It seems like she's growing up way too fast.

A load of laundry and a nap awaits me. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Theresa said...

Hey girlie, I'm in Lexington, Randy's home, feel free to borrow him.

Anonymous said...

I know - I was sad all day today knowing that Sydney is no longer a kindergartener and that Lucas is soon to be a preschooler. Boo hoo!