Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wierd Sunday

I can now empathize with all the single moms and moms with husbands who work swing shifts, who diligently get their kids up every Sunday morning and get them to church. I woke up at almost 8 AM, running a bit late, jumped in the shower, yelling at the girls to get their dresses on, then had to get everyone fed, combed, shoed, and out the door so we could get to Sunday school at 9:45. Luckily, it was running behind because we were too :)

Poor hubby had to work from 9pm last night until after 11am this morning. He went with us to the Mexican restaurant for lunch (I drove of course), and now he's sleeping soundly.

Actually he AND the girls are sleeping soundly. I was GOING to be sleeping soundly, but Zachary decided he wanted to munch on mommy milk all afternoon, so has not slept much at all. I've fed him here at the computer, drinking my green tea, and surfing blogs. At least it's quiet time.

On another note...Zachary is now officially a tummy sleeper. The chiropractic adjustments did relax him a bit, but he still does not like sleeping on his back. I broke out the Angel Care monitor and he slept with it Friday night. He slept soundly for 6 hours straight, then ate and slept again a few more hours. He slept fairly well last night too, so I feel slightly less like a zombie now.

I've also been reflecting a bit about church ministry. New summer ministries are starting up and the need is great. My needs here at home are greater though, this year, so I have to step back, but I felt a strong desire to rejoin some ministries and activities. I think next year, I'll jump back in. I can hear Team Kid, Bible School, The Great Banquet, and other great ministries calling to me. Something to look forward to.

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Joni said...

I think stepping back is a great plan. I had a hard time doing that with my first child thinking the world would stop without me. It was so nice not to have to worry about ministry in addition to my kids.

Last weekend, I used our Saturday night service completely for the childcare since Doug was serving on the worship team and not at home! I knew we were going to be late but I was tired and in pain so I decided to not holler at the kids, let them know we were going to miss the first part of their class. We got there, signed the kids in, and I hung out with my hubby in the lobby having a cup of coffee. Then we returned Sunday for "real" church! :)