Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No baby yet

The doctor appt today was uneventful. I had another group appt. today. I may make it to the private one scheduled for next week. Every 2 weeks, it's been group appts, and now I'm up to weekly, so every other week, I'll get a private appt. I missed last week's because Meg's school was delayed 2 hours.

So, anywho, I have not been "checked". I probably will not be "checked". I've been asked by several folks if I have been "checked". Just to be clear--I am not planning on being "checked" this time unless there is a problem, or if Zach is late, or until I'm in the hospital in labor.

The midwives I visit don't make a practice of "checking" people unless specifically asked to or unless there's a problem. There is a risk of infection anytime an internal exam is done. Also, "checking" for cervical dilation, etc, really doesn't give a whole lot of information on when the baby's coming. From my own experience, it can only serve to make you anxious when the baby may be even a few weeks from coming, or make you disappointed if there's not much sign of "progress" and labor might be hours away!

During my last appt with Zoe, I was 38 weeks along, and was SO ready for her to come out. I asked to be "checked", and the midwife suggested a "membrane stripping", which involves gently separating the bag of waters from the cervix, which can trigger labor. Well, it worked, and Zoe was born the next day :)

However, I've wondered since if that was the best course to take since I still was hooked up to Pitocin (aka "devil juice") to get my labor to progress faster. Let it be known that I would like to avoid the so-called "devil juice" if at all possible this time around. A natural childbirth with Pitocin involved is not pleasant. Not impossible, just more intense. This time, I've decided to let nature take its course and let this baby come when he's good and ready, and not rush it with anything. I've also decided to stay home longer as well, even if my water breaks early on as it has both times before. I want those contractions good and strong by the time I get there so hopefully there's not as much desire to hook me to the "devil juice".

Will things work out the way I want them? Who knows? Labor hardly ever goes completely smoothly for anyone. There will always be something unexpected, but there's my rough "birth plan" anyway. I'm hoping this labor will be a little faster than the other two, which were 12 and 10 hours, respectively. 6-8 hours sounds just right :) All I know is that this is probably my last birth experience, so I want to be as comfortable and un-"checked" and un-"intervened" with as much as possible. Is that too much to ask? ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about asking about being checked. I'm just anxious I guess :)


Misty said...

I am not annoyed by anyone asking, and I hope I didn't sound too grouchy. I'm so hormonal now I sound half-crazy most of the time, so please excuse me if I do.

I was actually trying to be funny. Maybe it came across as sarcastic or annoyed?

I don't want anyone to feel like they can't ask about my progress. I welcome all inquiries. I do like to explain my philisophies on birth, etc, though, because I feel strongly about natural childbirth and such.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! I laughed out loud at this post! Believe me, I know all about the "devil juice." I hadn't been on it 15 minutes during my labor with Sydney and her heart rate dropped dangerously low and I had to have an emergency c-section!

Anonymous said...

I had "devil juice" both times.....thus no 3rd child!!!!! Here's wishing you a speedy, non "checked" birth.

Anonymous said...

I'm in pain just thinking about all this.

Stacey said...

No devil juice the first time around! I have a weird body though that likes to let my water break and no contractions forever.

Second time around, it was the middle of the night, so I got devil juice when my contractions didn't start. I had, seriously, TWO contractions on it and they took me off because Taylor's heartrate went down more than they were comfortable with. I asked for an epidural and then all of a sudden I was ready. I feel so ashamed to say that I had TWO painful contractions while laboring with Taylor. *sheepish grin*

I am so proud of you for having natural births. I was uninformed until after I had Taylor and wish I had gone natural, too.

Misty said...

I was very briefly hooked up on Pitocin when laboring with Meg. My labor sped up quickly and they shut it off. They kept me on it most of the time with Zoe.

I don't like the heart monitors either. The one I had with Meg would keep falling off and the nurse would freak out because she thought Meg's HR had dropped. We kept telling her, "It's just falling off." Some of those monitors just serve to make people nervous, I think.

No one should ever be ashamed at their birth experience. The goal is a healthy mom and babe, and if you got that, it's a success!