Thursday, February 21, 2008

My new best friend

I just wrote that title, and I realized I had ordered a new nursing pillow called My Brest Friend. I just got it yesterday, and though I feel a little guilty for betraying my Boppy, I think I'll like it just fine. My Boppy had gotten kinda flat and had holes in it from using it for 2 girls.

Anyway, I'm way off my original idea here. My new best friend--it's not a nursing pillow, actually. It's a Neti Pot. "A what?"you might ask. A Neti Pot. Here's the one I got.

My midwife suggested to try it for my cold. I had seen them in Wal-Mart and also had seen it demonstrated on Oprah with Dr. Oz. I had Bryan stop by yesterday and pick up one for me.

Basically, you fill it with warm water (filtered is best), add a packet of the salt mix (the box comes with 50 of them), and shake gently.
Then, you lean your head over the sink to one side, keep your mouth open and breathe through your mouth, then put the spout to the upward nostril and gently pour. The solution goes through your sinuses and out the downward nostril. You gently blow your nose and repeat on the other side.

Bryan thinks I'm going to drown myself or something. He's a bit water-phobic though :) Actually, if you get the water temp right, and mix in the saline, it feels quite comfortable. The only problem I had was that my right side has been clogged up pretty bad, so it wanted to go down my throat and feels like it's going into my right ear canal a bit.

However, I used it before bed and I breathed so much better last night and didn't have to wake up to blow my nose or anything. Wonderful. It really soothed my nasal passages and helped me breathe. Therefore, it is now my new best friend. :)

Well, Meg is out of school yet again today. We already have ice all over the roads. Hubby just called on the way to work and said he was sliding all over the place. So, we won't be going anywhere today. I wasn't planning on it anyway. Just going to sit around and take care of me and the girls today.


Anonymous said...

Flash's teacher was telling me about this. I thought it sounded gross, but you have a way of making it sound therapuetic and well, worthwhile. I'm SO glad you found some relief!

I used to put hot water in the sink and soak my sinuses with hot wash rags before bed. Also, a steaming shower before betime seemed to help. Lots of energy exerted for that when preggie, though!

Love you, sis! Hang in there! (Not that you have any choice.)

Misty said...

It's not as bad as you'd think. Bryan would never do it. He's really water-phobic and can't stand the thought of it. It actually feels really good when the water's nice and warm and with the saline, it doesn't burn at all.

It feels a little funny as it starts to enter the sinus cavity and out the other side, but then it gets easier.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry - I don't know which sounds worse - labor or Netu Pot!!

Anonymous said...

I bought one of these for Nick to use because he has such sinus problems. It is really gross when he uses it, gags, chokes and carries on. But, it seems to be helping. Good luck with yours.

Stacey said...

I have had a neti pot for quite some time. Mine looks more like a genie bottle thing and is white ceramic. I also have a little tub of neti pot salt to just mix in. You can find them at Whole Foods and some drugstores.

They are awesome, if I could just remember to do it daily!

I'm glad to see someone else using one! Most people I have recommended it to just sort of wrinkle their nose at the idea! LOL!