Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday--I need mom advice

No baby yet, and I really hope he decides to wait a few more days until I can start to recover from this cold. I'm just a mucus factory right now. Don't you love my TMI descriptions?

I have an appt today at 11:30, so I'm blogging a bit before I go. I thought I'd seek some mom advice on a few issues I've been wondering about.

1. How do you encourage other family members (kids that are old enough of course) to pitch in with household chores, especially when mom's under the weather? Advice, tips, tricks, anything is appreciated. Also, just for discussion, is it unreasonable for a stay-at-home mom to expect help with household chores, even when she's feeling fine? I'm thinking I do the same job that babysitters and daycare providers are paid for, so why not?

2. This one is kinda funny: can baby boys wear little white Keds tennis shoes? Hubby says they're girly. I say they look unisex. What's your opinion?

3. Moving children into the same room together, especially when one has a different schedule than the other (i.e. Meg gets up early to go to school, while Zoe usually sleeps later). What are good ways to adjust to that? I'm wanting to keep Meg using her alarm clock and getting up by herself, but I'm concerned that Zoe will lose sleep she needs too. Hubby is working on their bunkbed, and he'd really like to move them in ASAP, but I'm thinking even waiting until summer might be a good idea, so they don't have to get up early, etc. Zach will be in a bassinet in our room for probably the first 4 months. Is that too long to wait to move the girls together? Will Zoe feel displaced more if we wait?

So, there ya go--things for you to think about today while I'm out. Thanks in advance for reading my rambling :)


Anonymous said...

So I don't have kids but thought I might have an idea. If you waited until the fall to put them together then Zoe will be needing to get up early too for preschool right? So Zoe can sleep longer now and all summer and then she will be needing to get up early anyway for preschool.

On the house helping thing maybe have them do the chores before they like watch t.v. or something.


5purposedriven said...

1. My experience is that NO ONE does the chores when mom is sick. Not that it should be so, that's just the way it is. Use paper plates, buy two weeks worth of underwear and socks, and scrimp where you can.

2. Keds. For babies, UNISEX. By the time they are five, only for Easter. After that, they'll wear High Tops for Easter or something, no matter how hard you try!

3. Bedding. Mine? I was getting up to nurse anyway. I usually gently woke and carried the oldest out of the room, or had Dad do it, to let the younger sleep.

I liked having the nursery available to lock the baby in when I was in the shower. It doesn't take the baby long to learn to roll over, and I didn't trust it in my room for long. The other option is showering with the baby buckled into a carseat on the floor of the bathroom while you shower.

Anonymous said...

My boys and girl all wore the tiny keds. They are super cute and inexpensive.

Misty said...

I hadn't thought about the fall. I'm really thinking summer might be the best transition so I wouldn't have to worry about them getting to bed early and getting up early, etc. Zoe will be in preschool, so that would work out well in the fall. They could just get up at the same time, though pre-K starts later.

I remember the shower thing. I used our bouncy seat and put them in there. Even if they cried, at least I knew where they were and that they were ok.

Kim V said...

So what about the dr appointment???