Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Time keeps on tickin...

**EDIT: The actual highlight of Christmas Day was finding out my hubby's brother and his wife are expecting again! Please keep them in your prayers that this pregnancy will be successful and healthy this time around!

It's a new year! Christmas came and went, Meg's 6th birthday came and went, and we're already full-steam into a new year. I don't know how it all goes by so fast.

We traveled to our hometown to be with family for Christmas. Highlight of the trip: Bryan and I went to Opry Mills in Nashville on Thursday to shop and just spend the day together. We had a ball buying little baby boy clothes we found on sale. We spent about 3 days with the family and came back here last Friday. I had to bake a couple of cakes for Meg's party on Saturday.

We had a nice little party for her at our church. Such a blessing, since I didn't have to worry about cleaning up the Christmas tornado at home :) She had her Nana and Papa there, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Bradley, and a few little friends there and they each had a little sibling with them, so it was fun day.

On New Year's Eve (Meg's actual birthday), I took her shopping with the money she got for Christmas and birthday. She bought some new Bratz shoes (with no laces--she's very proud of that), a Fairytopia Barbie, and a Dora movie. That night, we had a fun party with our Sunday School class. The kids played upstairs and the adults played games and munched on goodies downstairs.

Yesterday, we mostly just rested. I started putting away stuff and washing new clothes. Today, I have a Dr. appt and it's so cold I dread getting out. Then it'll be back here washing more laundry :) The neverending stories of laundry and dishes begin again!

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Maggie said...

Pregant? Whoa! Another cousin! Praying...

I'm with you on the laundry and dishes. It was GREAT to have a break, but the general malaise now is UGH!