Thursday, January 03, 2008

Attitude Adjustments

Megan had her first Upward cheerleading practice tonight. Unfortunately, she also exhibited a majorly bad attitude towards me and therefore required an "attitude adjustment" when we got home. I'm glad we had the time there at practice so I could better plan the "adjustment", instead of reacting out of anger.

Man, that kid can push my buttons. And so can just about anybody right now :) I'm giving myself a ton of slack with my moods because I just can't control them most of the time since I've been preggers.

I think, though, that when this pregnancy is over and I'm into the child-rearing years, I'll need to consider my own attidude adjustments. I want to reach the point where at least most of the time, I'm mindful and conscious about how I react to the kids (and others too). To think before I act and speak. And at the same time, be real about my feelings and not deny them. To be a good example to my kids about how to handle feelings in healthy ways.

Right now, I'm not sure how to go about that without talking their ears off, but if I can just reach the point of being a good model of behavior and taking responsibility for my actions and reactions, that should speak louder than words.

Now, where's that chocolate....?


Melissa H. said...

I've admired you for the grace and patience you show with your girls. I know how it is to react before thinking, but you always seem to handle everything so well :-) Praying for you and a continued healthy pregnancy....

Misty said...

Thanks! I tend to think I fly off the handle too much with them, but I do try not to SCREAM at them in public, so I guess that's something :)