Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to all!

The presents are unwrapped and loved. A new bike and new dress up clothes. Lots of stocking stuffers. Cookies eaten by Santa and oatmeal eaten by the raindeer :) A new microplane for me and the best one of all--the best egg rolls from the city of Louisville brought to me by my hubby--gotten on one of his trips there. We used to live there and I have raved about those egg rolls ever since we left :)

As we get ready to travel to visit family, I hope you all have a great Christmas filled with sweetness and love. Safe travels to you all and to all a good night! ;)


Jules said...

Merry Christmas.
I have microplane envy....I really need one.
Looks like lots of fun.

Misty said...

Haven't used it but it's washed and ready. I got a bundt cake pan for Christmas too and a box of oranges I bought from my neice as a fundraiser. I'm seeing an orange bundt cake in my future :)