Monday, January 21, 2008

And there's still the nesting

Kicked in full force. Problem is I'm big and awkward and I tire easily after an hour or so of physical labor. And I have two little kids to work around. My brain is just completely in "nesting mode" and it's so hard to focus on anything else. Just want to apologize to my blog friends for the past couple weeks. I've been lurking here and there, but I just can't keep up and comment as much when I'm in the "mode".

Today, I've been working on the closets in the girls' room and the bathroom. Oh, the bathroom--it was a mess. I got a big garbage bag full of junk out of there to throw away, a box full of stuff for our yard sale pile and swept out a ton of dust/hair. I just didn't realize how messy it was in there. But now it looks good and I finally have the girls' bath towels in there instead of their rooms. I'm thinking of adding a few shelves for extra storage in there.

We got the girls' closet organizer system in their closet on Saturday and I'm slowly getting their things in there in an organized fashion. Hubby has been so good about helping me get all this stuff together, even when I get tired and have to sit down and watch (or supervise). I'm so glad I have a man who is handy around the house and anything mechanical. Saves us a lot of money too.

As far as our sicknesses, we're all doing better. Megan's was only a 24 hour thing. None of the rest of us got that. My cold is nearing it's end. Still a little snotty, but dealing well with it. I hope we can manage to stay relatively germ free until after Zachary is born.

The dishes I've neglected today are waiting for me and I guess I'll have to feed these people I live with too so better run :)

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