Monday, January 21, 2008

Nothin better

Well, not much anyway, than spending a really cold morning sleeping in, then fixing pancakes for me and my girls. I let them watch me prepare the batter, instructing them in my best "Food Network mom" tone, and gave them the first ones off the griddle. Zoe ate 3 and Megan had 4. I think I had 5. I made them a bit smaller than usual though :)

Highlight of the morning: Megan was reading the recipe to me and I asked her, "Do you know what 2 eggs, separarated means?" She said, "You put them in different bowls." I had to laugh at that one.

I wonder how nice mornings off like this one will change when Zach is here. I hope he'll enjoy pancakes as much as the girls do. Of course, if he's anything like his daddy, he'll have to have bacon to go along with it :)


Melissa H. said...

Cute! Hey, I can drop Lucas off for a while and let you see how things go with a boy in the house if you want :-) Just kidding!

Misty said...

I got my taste of boys when I babysat our "Buddy" from January 06 to August 07. I think he prepared us well :)