Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday, Monday

This morning's first headline on GMA: "Terror at church". Not what you'd expect to hear.

Some crazy maniac shot several people at a missionary training center at a small town in Colorado and later on at a large church in Colorado Springs.

I apologized to my baby this morning for having to bring him into such a frightening world. When I was this far along with Megan, the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 happened. When I was pregnant with Zoe at this time, I had a terrible car crash. I wonder if these poor kids have a chance. :(

Yesterday, Megan developed what we think is an ear infection. She actually started crying and laying on my lap at lunch because of the pain. A call to her doctor, a trip to the pharmacy, and this morning, she went on to school. I'll be bringing her in to her doc to have a look though as soon as they can see her.

Saturday--it was nice. We decorated the tree, finally. I decided to go with a white tree this year, and bought a new one at Wal-mart. Why choose another tree when I had two already? I wanted something between the size of Charlie Brown tree and Rockefeller Center tree. This one fits well in front of our living room windows. A new box of shatterproof ornaments allowed the girls to decorate it almost all by themselves. We watched Rudolph as we decorated.

I also made 3 loaves of cranberry orange bread for our neighbors that day. I love holiday baking. Tiring a bit, and hard to find the time sometimes, but something I look forward to anyway.

Well, now off to call the doc!

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Melissa H. said...

I found out I was pregnant with Sydney about two weeks before 9/11.
I cried for days! I couldn't tear myself away from the TV, watching the horrible reports of families talking about lost loved ones. I felt so guilty bringing her into the world at that time. Then the pregnancy was awful - early labor, lots of ups and downs. It took a lot of prayer to get through that time!