Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday stuff

Meg is feeling better. Her doctor saw some major infection there in her right ear yesterday at her appt. She said it looked like a big pimple in there. Gross. Anyway, she's on Zithromax for 5 days and ibuprofen for pain and fever at bedtime and before school. Also some ear drops I'm just using at night for now. She's not complaining of pain since Sunday, so no sense giving her tons of meds.

Hopefully, everyone will stay well enough for us to attend Bryan's company Christmas party on Friday night. Luckily, our youth in the church have decided to host another Parent's Night Out that very night, so we didn't have to put anyone out for babysitting. I love Parent's Night Out. If you have a church with lots of teenagers, you may want to suggest they start doing that. A few adults hang around of course, to keep the teenagers in line too :)

I've got to get my "outfit" together for the party. I will try the dress that sis-in-law found for me--I think she paid about $1 for it and it was $100 new or something like that. If it's too big or too short to keep me warm enough :) I'll go with pants and festive shirt. We'll see.

I'm going to have to paint my toenails too for my heels. I may have to have hubby do that, since I can't bend so well anymore. He's done it before and spoiled me. If your hubs have never painted your toenails, you should get them to--it's such pampering! :D

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