Thursday, December 06, 2007

Pregnancy--The good, bad, and ugly

Good: Watching my belly grow, feeling Zach kicking around, wearing cute maternity clothes.

Bad: Worrying every day that he's not moving enough...until he kicks me hard as soon as I lie down.

Ugly: Watching my thighs and bum grow as much as my belly, and the most embarrassing (*drumroll please*)....peeing when I sneeze.

And there you have it--some of the ups and downs of pregnancy. I wouldn't trade it for the world. :)


Kim V. said...

It's a shame the things we go through to give birth to our precious babies!!! LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOU A LITTLE Z.

Jules said...

My fave.....bending over to tie my shoes and almost throwing up.

To much baby, not enough insides.

You look amazing! I know you may not always FEEL amazing, but you look fabulous!!

Misty said...

Why thank you dahling! It's all in the haircolor and cheap clothes. LOL!

massivetruth said...

LOL. I remember that my wife complained about peeing when she sneezed.