Thursday, December 20, 2007

In the news

A Christmas Tree Hunt Gone All Wrong A man and his kids went out into the wilderness in Northern California looking for a Christmas tree. Well, they got lost in the freezing snow. Luckily they found shelter in a drainage pipe and their signal was spotted just before the rescue was called off. I'm thinking, "Why not just go to Wal-Mart? If you get lost in there, you won't find any employees when you need them, but you've at least got some Cheetos."

Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant The star of Zoey 101 and Britney's little sister is pregnant at 16. Lots of outrage and uproar over a "teen role model" being so irresponsible. I'm thinking, "Why haven't we learned not to put our trust in the Spears family...or the Hiltons...or the Richies...or the get the idea. I wonder why people are so surprised?!"

Eek! It's a Mutant...Not Really A man left the state of Oregon because people there aren't very nice to people with blue skin. The video link here shows a man with obviously blue-toned skin that may be suffering from a rare skin disorder or the effects of drinking a supposedly cure-all solution of colloidal silver. Either way, I'm thinking, "Shame he didn't surface a couple years ago during the filming of X-Men III. They spent a lot of money putting blue makeup on Kelsey Grammar for the Beast character. They could have saved a buck or two."

And that's my news for the day--have a good one!


Melissa said...

I too have been wondering why people seemed shocked about Jamie Lyn Spears being pregnant. Did you hear that her mom's book on parenting has been postponed by the publishers??? Well, duh!!!! And, about the blue guy, recently a dr. I work with walked in an exam room to see a patient and he started laughing. It was the week before Halloween and he said she was painted up like the tin man. However, when she didn't laugh with him he realized she had actually turned silver. She had been taking one of those herbal cure-alls for years and it had silver in it that built up in her system and she turned silver! True story!

Maggie said...

This post totally made my day. I've not seen the news in weeks. Now, I'm caught up with a laugh!