Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On the mend

Zoe is finally feeling better. She's back to getting into things, jumping on my bed, and following me around, generally wreaking havoc ;) That's how I know when she's better.

I hate to see my girls sick, but if there is a bright side to it, it's that they are really agreeable and quiet when they're ill. Zoe just laid around all day yesterday. At the doctor's office (she did have an ear infection), instead of bouncing around like she usually does, she just sat calmly on the table and in the waiting area on my lap. Last night, she was content to lie on my bed watching cartoons, drinking 7-Up. Not our Zoe at all, though not unwelcome behavior, LOL!

After one dose of antibiotics and a few doses of Ibuprofen and ear drops, she's already on the mend.

Last night she also did something she has never done, but I sincerely hope she does again (and I hope Megan does too). Not too long after dinner, she came into the kitchen holding her mouth and looking ill. I asked her if she needed to puke. She said, "Yah." I happened to have the garbage bag out sitting there in the floor and I said, "Here, just puke in here." And she did!! Every bit of it went into the bag!! That has never happened before. So gracefully too. She puked a bit, and then said, "Wipe my mouth." Sounded so pitiful, but we were so amazed. I didn't have any vomit to clean up at all. Just took the bag out. I know that will never happen again like that, but I sure it wish it would!

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