Thursday, November 08, 2007

If God brings you to it...

Then He can bring you through it. I've heard that many times. I thought about that this morning as I thought of how many experiences I've been through as I've gotten older. So, I've compiled a bit of a list of what God has brought me to and through.

  1. Divorced parents
  2. Never knowing one of my parents (that's kind of an oddity)
  3. A live-in grandmother with Alzheimer's disease
  4. Deaths of grandparents
  5. The disablement of my stepfather
  6. 2 totaled car wrecks (1 while pregnant with Zoe)
  7. Working full-time while married and in college
  8. 2 all natural childbirths (wonderful, but hard and working on 3--cheer me on :D)
  9. The sickness and death of my mom
  10. A miscarriage
  11. Loss of pets
  12. Loss of friends and extended family members

I could go on, but these things have been some of the biggest hurdles of my life. This is not a post of "woe is me", but a post of Thanksgiving. Since the holiday IS approaching in a couple of weeks, I wanted to get into the mindset of being thankful. I thank God every day for all the blessings of joy and happiness He's given me, but I don't often think about how He's gotten me through the tough times and the lessons I've learned, the experience I've gotten just from going through it.

If we lived perfectly peaceful and enchanted lives, how could we minister with empathy toward those who are in turmoil? The hardships of life, if we let God teach us, give us the grace to understand each other's problems, to know where they are in their pain ...and hopefully know how to give advice or help when asked or needed.

What experiences are you thankful for this season? What has God brought you to and through? What is He teaching you now?


Maggie said...

I LOVE this post. You should join the "thanking God for"'s on my sidebar. I'm trying to remember to post something I'm thankful for every da in November!

Cheryl said...

My sister in law passing away-I learned that life is terribly short

College while married-I learned how to have patience and things will prevail.

Other family and friends passing-Again life is short.

There are many other things but these things are very important and have taught my many lessons about myself and how I live.

Going through college has been very trying on me and my husband. There have been many times that he has had to wait on things because I had homework. Going through things with someone you love helps.

Theresa said...

Loss of my Dad when I was 17, he was 42.
Loss of my Mom when she was 56 and my mother-in-law a month later.
Loss of all grandparents while I was a child.
Almost dying as a child (numerous times) and leaving my lungs scarred with a scrawny little body that can't gain wait which makes any illness tough to get over.
Lots of bad things that just make a person stronger.

Mama Rosi said...

I loved this post as well.

I also had a live-in grandmother with Alzheimers while I was a teenager.

All of my grandparents passing away.

Going through a divorce at 28.

Having three children all natural at three different homes with three different midwives and breastfeeding all of them. Even tandem breastfeeding for a while with the first two.

Going through a seperation with my children's father.

Rediscovering how to make it on my own. (Only by the grace of God!)

The violation of my house being broken into while I slept with three little one's in the house.

God not only brought me through these challenges but he teaches me every day, how to love and trust Him with my burden. What an awesome God! I do trust him because he has made what has seemed impossible, possible. There's no telling what would happen if I gave Him everything...

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to'm so grateful!

Misty said...

I'm so priveleged to know such strong Christian women. Thanks for sharing!

Lorie said...

This post is AWESOME.