Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Bzz for you!

I received a free subscription to TV Guide Magazine from a while back. Since life has been so crazy for a while now, I haven't taken the time to even think about Bzzing about it yet. I feel inspired now.
If you remember the old TV Guide, the little small, thick ones, think bigger. It's now in a magazine form, very similar in thickness to the other magazines you'll find at the checkout in the grocery store.
I can remember my mom buying TV Guide, mainly for the crossword puzzle in the back. The crossword is still there, along with an alphabet sukodu puzzle each week. My mom would have loved the bigger print in the puzzles! There are several interesting entertainment articles and reviews of TV shows and movies. And, in keeping with the progress of the information age, there is now a very nice interactive website. You can view movie trailers, reviews, celebrity news, message boards, and more, along with the weekly TV listings, of course.
Just for a treat to all you Bzz-ees, there is a special sweepstakes to attend the 2007 Emmy Awards in Hollywood. Head over to to enter the contest by 8/29/07.
Now, Bzz me about TV Guide. Check out the website and if you want to pick up a copy of the magazine, I have $1.00 off coupons for you to use next time you're at the checkout stand.


Maggie said...

Do you enjoy TV Guide? We subscribed for a while, and then I was embarrassed to leave it laying around for the way they dressed the women on the front as adverts for risque shows. I found that it drew our attention to more TV, and overall, we just need less.

Misty said...

Honestly, I wouldn't buy it on my own. I can pull up our satellite's guide and see what's on any time. I'm enjoying the free subscription though, just for some interesting reading on tv shows and movies, etc.