Thursday, August 16, 2007

A boy named "@"???

Trendy names are one thing, but naming your kid a symbol? A Chinese couple wants to name their child "@". Read about it here: Yahoo News

Remember that old song "A boy named Sue?" Here's Johnny Cash's 1976 rendition to take you back to my birth year. Enjoy!


Jules said...

Your birth year?....I remember him singing that on TV.Yikes.

How about Sheffie for a name? That's my husband's name.
We get shekkie, chieffie, shelly, shelby, shefty...on and on from business and telemarketers.
I just call him scoodles!

Joni said...

I kid you not. My sister(whose last name is Hammer), actually named my nephew Jack. Because it would be cute. I suppose its better than @.