Monday, August 20, 2007

Some new stuff

I've bought some new products I thought I might show you, since I don't have much else to blog about today--except for grumbling or whining and there's just too much of that around here :)

1. My new Sandisk Sansa c100 MP3 player I bought from

Here's the link to the specific product:

I have discovered that some songs from iTunes wouldn't download onto it, but Napster songs work fine. I'm not sure why iTunes uses such wierd file extensions. I wish I had of known that before I downloaded. Anywho, it also has FM radio tuning, the downloaded music quality is good, it has a necklace attachment and some decent earbuds. Looks like today they have an even better deal than I got last week--$34.99 and free 3 day shipping. I paid $39.99 and $4.99 shipping.

I finally used it today when I went to our church's gym with Zoe this morning to walk. After I had went through my downloaded songs, it picked up a local station well. I'm hoping it will inspire me to keep walking throughout my pregnancy. I need it!

2. BioFresh Resealable Zipper Bags:
I've been seeing these TV commercials for Debbie Meyer's Green Bags, that are supposed to keep your produce fresher for longer. I have been intrigued by that claim and aggravated at having to throw away bananas before we get a chance to eat them. I can only make so many banana nut muffins with the brown ones. After some online browsing, I came across the BioFresh bags. They seemed to be a better bargain--24 of them for $7.95, whereas the Green Bags were 20 for $9.95.
I have used them now for strawberries and bananas. They worked really well. My strawberries didn't turn as soft and moldy as quickly as usual. They were in my fridge at least 5 days. The bananas I kept on the counter and they hardly turned brown at all. I ate the last one of the bunch today, a full week after I bought them, and only a few slight specks of brown were present on the peel. Still tasted great too. I'm definitely a believer of this product now--if nothing else, just for my bananas! I'll update you on future uses as well. I found that I can rinse them out, let them dry, and re-use them, too, so I'm not wasting money throwing them out after each use.
None of these products are BzzAgent-related, just my own personal use, but if you use or own these or anything similar, share your opinions of them with me!

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