Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm tired of grumpy's to happy!

Our new swingset that hubby is building. We have a baby swing, 2 regular swings, and a disc swing on there now. It's attached to the two big trees behind our house, and at the top is a walkway, which will eventually be fenced in and will connect a clubhouse to a slide.

Zoe at Bible School last week. We took all the kids' pics and made little frames in one craft night.

Zoe and Megan at the world fountain-thingy at the Louisville Zoo. We had a great trip on my birthday. I love zoos. It was a beautiful day, so everyone was at the zoo-insanely crowded, but still fun.

The Cheescake Factory at Mall St. Matthews in Louisville. Great Birthday dinner--and here's my birthday cheesecake! It is a extraordinarily beautiful place inside. I couldn't stop looking up at all the paintings and designs.

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