Friday, July 27, 2007

A childcare question...

I think I know where the term, "Like pulling teeth" came from. It was formulated in the Middle Ages, when getting little children to pick up after themselves was likened to the pain of crude dentistry.

Is it too much to ask a 4 and 5 year old to pick up their toys? They pick up for about one minute, then it's back to playing. Then I'm hollering, "Pick up please!". Then they're hollering back, "Ok, ok", scampering off to quickly pick up....for about another minute, then it starts all over again. Coersions I use include no lunch, snack, outside time until the toys are picked up. Still, I have to stay on them! I think I'd rather get a tooth pulled. It would be quicker and there are good pain meds out there now. mmmmm.....pain meds...... ;)


Maggie said...

I agree! I am so tired of being "mean mommy"...and being glared at like my children do not speak the English language.

They look at me, collectively, frozen like, "She speaks, but what is coming from her mouth? What is she saying? It is so foreign to us! And what can we say in return, for she surely does not know our language either." Stare, frozen, stare.

I say to these alien beings, "Move! Now!"

And they answer, "to do what?"

I have to detail each little minuscia...that peice of paper on the floor, and the one beside it. The DVDs all over the floor (to the chorus of "but I didn't get them out").

I need to just make a song and dance of it all...perhaps it would be more fun!

Joni said...

Yeah, if I can be specific that seems to help. "First, pick up the Little People and put them in that box" and so on. You can pit them against one another in a race! Or, one time we removed all the toys from the room because they didn't take care of them. They were stunned. It still takes supervision but they're more careful now.