Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yep, still pregnant/And please pray...

We took another couple tests last night and this morning. Just to be sure, I guess. Both still positive. We can take a look at my body just to find out, though. It's like, "Hey, I know this! Plump up!" The belly is already pooching, my let's just say my bra is well-filled. As it's gotten out to more and more people, I'm bracing myself for the inevitable "Maybe you'll get a boy this time", "I know so-and-so and they've got 4 daughters", "Bryan will be outnumbered", etc, etc. I didn't hear that as much with number two. I suppose it's a given when you already have two of the same gender. I have to say, we want a boy really badly. And this month's conception wasn't as well-documented as previous "Shettles method" attempts. So, I'm not sure if the timing correlated with the male conception. Whatever...I'm trying not to focus on that. We're happy. Our first appt is June 18. I'm not sure if we'll hear a little heartbeat that soon or not.

Now, for the yucky stuff. My brother has been incarcerated. This morning, a man found him sleeping in the bed with his wife in his house and beat the tar of of him with a gun. He's lucky he didn't get shot. He's been arrested for 1st degree assault and disorderly conduct. I've already had my cry over it and have prayed bitterly from my anguish (as Hannah did in Samuel, remember) that this will be the thing that turns him around. He has four children that will suffer from his example, especially if he doesn't change. I'm glad our mama isn't here to see this. She'd probably try to get money to bail him out. Money that they didn't have. She did it once before. I just can't understand why he's made the choices he has. So pray for him to turn around, for his children to be led to the light, not his darkness. If you want to ask me anything about it, just e-mail, don't call. I'm not in the mood to talk about it.

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