Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Our Florida vacation--Day 1

The only way to wake up when you head out at 6 am for a 10 am flight.

Yay! Waiting for our plane in Nashville.

A great way to pass the time on a flight--watching a DVD with earphones on a laptop.

A view from our connecting flight from Orlando to Ft. Myers.

Our very first stop was actually at the local supermarket, Publix. Grabbed a few things to keep in the hotel to snack on. I can't live without my Kashi :)

The first view of our resort, Lover's Key Resort, just outside Lover's Key State Park. We stayed here last year, and loved it, we came back.

A beach theater in Ft. Myers. We decided to see "Spiderman 3" there after we checked in. It was pricey, of course, since it was the only theater in close proximity, but it was neat in that you could actually order real meals with your movie and sit at tables with comfy theater chairs to eat. We opted for some drinks and a little candy to save room for dinner at our next stop.

After the movie, we ate dinner at Charley's Boat House Grill. We ate there last year. Good fresh seafood and an awesome salad bar, with about 55 choices on it. Highly recommended, though the fish could use more seasoning. Nice view of some boat docks on the bay, with little water birds and fish frolicking in the water near the big window area. Try it out if you are in Ft. Myers.

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