Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday work day

I've got a wild hair and decided to clean up the festering rat's nest that is our basement. Wow, that description sounded bad, huh? It's just junked up. We have paths through the junk, but no rats that I know of, thank the good Lord!

Doing anything extra-productive or just out of the norm is very challenging with young ones around. I thought, "I'll just let them play right outside while I'm in here watching them with the door open, carting stuff out." Right! Every two minutes, right on my heels: "What's that?" "What are you doing now?" "I'm hot." "I'm thirsty." And me every two minutes: "Stop coming in and out!" "Stay in the yard!" "Don't go in the garage!!" I accused them of not knowing the English language. Finally after the 50th "I'm hot!" (and yes, it's a humid Kentucky summer day), I escorted them back upstairs for some ice water, fruit snacks, and Blues Clues. Nickelodeon is my hero. I was able to do a bit more while they were snacking and a bit more after I got them napping.

I now see why, though, that I've put this off for so long!

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