Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm Bzzing again!

Since the Off! campaign, I've joined another that I'd like to Bzz you about. In case you didn't read it before, I'm a BzzAgent, with a website called http://www.bzzagent.com/. They send me free product samples and I have to use them and tell people about them and report back the "buzz" or opinions about them.

On to the campaign! I received two cans of Coppertone spray sunscreen. One of them is Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray, SPF 30, that is a no-rub clear spray. The other is Coppertone Kids Quick Cover lotion spray, SPF 50. Those are the second and fourth cans from the left in the picture here. In my opinion, the PROS: Sprayed at any angle, covered well, and really worked well to prevent sunburn on me and the kids when we played on the playground a few times last week. They protect against both UVA and UVB rays too. The CONS: I didn't like the strong smell of the sport spray and unless I was either outside or standing next to an open window or exhaust fan, it went all through the air and what didn't get on me went all over the room. It also felt sticky on my skin, especially my face. The Kids spray smelled better and didn't get all over the room, but it required rubbing to get the skin covered. And after I rubbed, if I tried to spray it with any sunscreen on my hand, it was very difficult with the slippery lotion.
I received these samples after I had gotten back from our Florida vacation. Down there, I bought some Coppertone Ultra Guard Continuous Spray, SPF 50. It really worked well to prevent burning from those hot Florida rays. Also, I would recommend the spray when beach-going, simply because you're outside and have good ventilation and it feels much better to just spray on the sunscreen, rather than rubbing lotion into sandy skin. So, ultimately, I think the sprays, especially the no-rub ones are great when you're already outdoors, and super-great on the beach. For general playing on the playground, etc, I think I'll stick to the regular lotions.
Now, for you--I have coupons for $1.50 off any Coppertone Continuous or Quick Cover Lotion spray. I'll gladly mail you one if you e-mail me your address or give you one if you see me and remind me. And Bzz back to me--what do you think of Coppertone sprays or products in general? Let me hear the good, bad, ugly, or just neutral. Bzz away!


Maggie said...

I'd love to have a coupon. I like it for Red's fair skin because it doesn't have to dry before he swims...it dries super fast. The other kids don't need as much, so he's left waiting and is cursing God for making fair skinned, yucky people like himself.

I agree with the smell issue. I have to do it outside. Also, it runs out SUPER FAST and is expensive.


Misty said...

Great Buzzing, Maggie! I'll give you a coupon!