Thursday, July 05, 2007

The week in review

What a busy summer week!

Monday was spent cleaning out the basement--I can see the floor in the kitchen/den area!

Tuesday I went to Wal-Mart, then my friend "Maggie"'s house to swim with the girls, then Megan had her kindergarten physical. What a trooper she was! She had to have a hearing check, pee in a cup, and had some blood taken from her arm for the first time--she didn't even cry, flinch, or scream. I held her other hand and she even watched the whole thing. A nurse helped hold her arm. I think they were expecting a bad reaction. She just jumped a bit and said, "Ouch!" when they put the needle in. Later, after some celebratory milkshakes at Sonic, she said, "Mom, that was really painful. I didn't like it." I was so proud of her. I had talked to her a long time beforehand about a blood test, but expecting it to be in her finger. I just kept calm and told her it was just a pinch in her arm, like her finger. I think that helped.

Wednesday--time with family--sleeping late, working on the new swingset (hubby's building one between two big trees in the backyard--pics will come later), saw Ratatouille with the girls, grilled out a big feast for just us. Hubby tried a new thing: shrimp stuffed with Mexican cheese, wrapped in bacon, grilled, and brushed with BBQ sauce. Yummo! I like it when he mans the grill--seems more like a man's way of cooking anyway. We also had BBQ skewered shrimp, smoked sausage, hot dogs for the girls, corn on the cob (grilled in the shuck--came out perfect!), baked beans, chopped grilled potatoes cooked in foil (I oversalted them, but they looked beautiful!), and finally, good cold watermelon! About 9 pm, we sat in the backyard with our bug spray and watched the local fireworks show. This year, it was only a mile or so from our house, so we could view it well and not be in the crowd.

Today--laundry and finalizing craft ideas for VBS. I'm heading up the preschool crafts again this year. I've decided to try Oriental Trading Company for several of the craft projects. They had many of the same things that Lifeway (the VBS sponsor) had on their website, but I got more of them for a cheaper price. I did pay more for shipping just to get it here on time, but it saves me work and driving 80 miles roundtrip to our closest Lifeway. Gas ain't cheap nowadays, you know. I also found lots of sports foam shapes, stars, and numbers to use in the decorating. I'm excited about it. I think I've found my VBS niche!


Maggie said...

Cool! I got ten hits from your site today, so somebody was reading! :D Thought I'd come see what the hub-bub was about.

Man! That grilling is inspiring. We had hotdogs and hamburgers and chicken. That shrimp sounds awesome.

You got to watch from your house? How cool is that?

We found the chiggers on the roadside!



Maggie said...

i may be available to be an extra set of hands here and there for your active groups.


Misty said...

We'll probably be ok. I've wrangled Bryan in to help us, plus I have 2 more workers, and perhaps a few teens. Stick your head in though and see how we're doing if you'd like. I appreciate any help offered.