Sunday, June 10, 2007

Watching and waiting

I'm having some bleeding today, kinda like a light period. Some lower back pain and slight cramps. I've never had a miscarriage before (that I've known about anyway), so I'm not sure if this is one or not. I spotted with both the girls, but not this much. So, taking it easy the rest of the day, waiting it out. I'll call the midwife office tomorrow to see what they suggest. Keep us in prayer. We'll definitely try it again if this one is not meant to be.

*Edit: This morning, I called the midwife's office and I have an appt. at 1:15 today. They seemed a little miffed that I couldn't come in earlier, but Bryan wanted to be there and he couldn't get away until after noon. Still bleeding today, a little heavier. I'm thinking it's miscarriage at this point. I'll avoid further discussion until after the appt. today though.


jonirooz said...

Make sure you get rest if you can. Feet up. Order out. Use paper plates. If $$ is an issue to takeout food, ask some friends to put together some meals. I'm sure you wanted a to-do list! :)
I'll probably send in more comments. I'm catching up on blogs today.

Maggie said...

Take it easy on yourself, but boredom can get the best of your mind, too.

Prayers lifted.

Love you!