Monday, June 11, 2007

Not meant to be...

Today's doctor visit seemed to confirm what we suspected. Early miscarriage. The ultrasound showed no pregnancy. I had blood drawn to check hormone levels and will have to have more done Wed to see if the levels are dropping appropriately. If they're still high, I'll likely need a D&C (dilation and cuttelage) to clear out any remaining tissue. I'm feeling ok physically, just having period-like symptoms. I can already tell that the pregnancy symptoms are going away. My bra is no longer well-filled. I'll miss that symptom :) The bloating feeling is diminishing.

Bryan and I are both sad and disappointed. We're not devastated, really. I had just gotten used to the idea of being pregnant again. The midwife said after 4-6 weeks and another cycle, we should be able to try again. I've heard a woman's fertility can often increase after miscarriage, so we might luck out.

After the appointment today, we ate a good meal at Tumbleweed and shared a brownie sundae. Chocolate makes everything a little better. A little rest for a couple days and I'll be back in normal mode, and hopefully back to some more uplifting posts.

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jonirooz said...

I'm so sorry.