Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And then you were gone.

Hormone levels are fine today, so I'm officially un-pregnant now. We will wait out a cycle and try again. I made a scrapbook page today, a modified version of one I made the day we found out I was pregnant. Here it is:


Jules said...

So sorry to hear of the miscarriage. I have always disliked that word. We should say, "Your release to heaven God's newest praiser". Maybe that is too corney. Either way, I know you are surrounded by loving friends and family who hold you in prayer.

Misty said...

I've always wondered what happens to those little souls that never got very far and wonder if God chooses to send them out elsewhere for a chance at another life, then that gets into the whole reincarnation debate, so I don't put much more thought into it. Except that it seems a shame that a soul wouldn't get the chance to move on elsewhere to get to experience and touch lives, just because it's physical form never materialized. Deep thoughts there.

Maggie said...

I love in Psalm 139 where it says "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."

I think it would be a very special thing, thinking in other terms, to never know sickness, pain, or sorrow. To only know God. Just His perfection, all the days of your life. From the time your soul was created, it was with Him.

I felt like, and I could be wrong, but I felt like God said to me once, "I love this baby more. I do! Thank you for birthing it unto Me...for I just could not let go of this precious one!"

I don't know. Many questions. God has helped me process the grief over time with little memorials only my heart knows about.

I'm still praying for you and thinking of you. It's hard to move forward. But, you will. New joys will be birthed through you.

I was getting such a kick out of listening to little M Sunday: "Look at my SANDLES!"

and we said, "They are cute!"

and we held out our feet and said, "Look at mine!"

and she said, "Oh! They are really CUTE, TOO!"

So full of life and love and humor and smiles. I pray that ministers to you as well in coming days as you need it.

Come swim with us when your ready to get out and just have a good time "away".