Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Florida Vacation, Day 2

It's time to post some happy memories again. The Florida vacation that went by oh so fast! It's almost like, "Did we really go there?" Then I have the pictures to remind me. Click on the links to check out some of these places.

Lover's Key State Park, where we did our beach bumming. Quiet, clean beach. Wildlife abounding. Awesome place. It was Memorial Day when we went on this day, so it was busier than usual, but still not crowded.

Lounging on the beach. A small beach shack rents out the chairs and umbrellas for the day.

My bikini malfunctioned twice. First the back strap broke, then the neck strap. A nice lady on the beach had safety pins, thankfully.

My lunch at Flipper's Grill on the Bay at our hotel. It was an "Island Salad", with an added crabcake.

Thomas Edison's statue near the unbelievable banyan tree outside the Henry Ford/Thomas Edison winter homes in Fort Myers. We got there too late to tour the whole thing, but we saw the lab where Edison and associates researched alternate sources of rubber making and also the museum featuring many of Edison and Ford's innovations.

Matzaluna, the wonderful Italian eatery on Sanibel Island. We loved it last year and couldn't wait to come back this year. Awesome food!

It just so happened to be Memorial Day AND my hubby's 31st birthday! Here he is with his free piece of key lime pie at Matzaluna. We ended the day with full stomachs and a walk along the beach on the south side of Sanibel. A great day!

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