Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Dad is 60 today

He's been in my life since November 5, 1983. He's loved me like I was his biological daughter ever since. I never knew my real father and my mother never told me much about him. My husband has no idea why I've not had the inclination to discover that side of my family. I do know my father died January 11, 1995, just from looking up family records on the internet. I may look into that side of myself one of these days. I guess my dad just did such a good job raising me that I never really felt inclined to seek out my father.

Anywho, my dad is 60 today. We both miss my mom terribly since she died in 2003. He's been disabled since 1993 and his health seems to worsen every day. I wish I could spend more time with him, but we live 2 hours away and it's very difficult to be there as much as I'd like. So, today, since I can't be there, I went through the book that my mom made for me that contained many of the poems I wrote when I was young. I had written this one for my dad in 1999 for father's day. I scanned it but in case you can't read the poem itself:

To My Dad
You got me up for school,
but sometimes let me miss the bus.
You were quick to correct me
when I started to cuss.

You taught me how to fish
and how to bait my hooks.
You made sure that I kept
my head in the books.

You taught me how to roast
a wiener on a stick.
You took me to the doctor
whenever I was sick.

You've always been there,
and I am so glad.
Even though you're not my father,
you'll always be my dad.



Cheryl said...

That is so touching. It brought tears to my eyes. I wish you were here to be with him. Have a great day!

gchyayles said...

That really was beautiful. Happy birthday to your dad :) God bless you and bless your wonderful relationship. This is definitely an affirmation of God's love manifesting in people's lives through other people. Truly our Father emphasises that it is not always about the blood family but that there is a family given by Him and is from Him too. I'm so glad He loves you the way He does through your dad! Have a blessed day!

Misty said...

Thanks! For those who may have missed the picture, I just put it back after some editing.

gchyayles said...

The picture is beautiful! Very touching :)