Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Fun

What to do when the kids are out of preschool and they're all following you around like little ducks everywhere? Take them to the playground, of course. I even had to shoo them away from me there when we first arrived. I must smell good today or something :) Called up Maggie and another church friend arrived later with her two little ones. Eight kiddos in all. Light lunches, a little grown up talk. Good stuff. God is good.

Here's my Photoshop Gallery link. Hopefully it will work for you. I wanted to just post them here, but Blogger is not cooperating today.


Greg Landheim said...

Was that you on the swing?

If so, did you spin around until you had the chains twisted as far as they would go, and then let it spin you until you stopped?

How come we stop doing stuff like that when we grow up:{

Misty said...

Nope, that was my friend "Maggie" who has the blog "Magnanimity". She brought her kiddos along that day too. I love to play on the playground with the kids. I especially love our church playground since it's all fenced in and there's not a zillion kids around. I feel more free to play then :)