Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Worries

I'm in the midst of our bi-annual clothing purge. Started Monday and just today I have Zoe's room straightened out. Meg's room is still piled up. I haven't even began to think about our room. With the kids, it's just getting out the clothes that don't fit anymore and giving Meg's to Zoe and getting Meg some new ones. I have had a few friends who have very generously donated outgrown clothes and shoes, many of which will fit Meg this season and next. I still think they have too many clothes--well, when I'm going through them all, it just seems like too many. I'm sure I didn't have that many clothes when I was a kid though. When all the baby-making is done, I'll very generously be donating all these clothes too :)

Rainy today, sun just starting to come out. Kids whining about going outside. Too wet. Church tonight--don't want them getting muddy. Hit a squirrel on the way to pick up the kids today. I hate running over small animals. Haven't had time to do much else but the clothing purge and laundry this week. So my floors are in bad shape. I took the time to hurriedly sweep the dining room just before putting the kids down for a nap.

On the bright side--I found $10 in an old diaper bag in Zoe's closet. Things are looking up! How is your day?

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