Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Memories

What an awesome Saturday we had! Bryan traveled to one town to hang out with his car club buddies. The girls and I went to another town for a girls's day out. Bryan rode go-carts and watched some tasering demonstrations :) One of his friends has a gun/ammo shop there and used a taser on a few of the guys for a demo--just a couple seconds, but they sure felt it, even just through their clothes. The girls and I shopped at a small mall and had lunch together at Tumbleweed and ice cream at the local ice cream parlor. When we all got home, we put the girls in the Trans Am and headed to Sonic with the tops out and ate outside on the picnic tables. What a great day! Here's a Scrapbook Flair page I made about our girls' trip. Since the program won't let me save it as a jpg file (or I can't figure out how to anyway), I'll post the link to the public gallery so you can see it. I've hidden the town name just for privacy sake.


cheryl said...

oh my goodness, those are so sweet! Zoe looks like she is getting so tall.

Misty said...

She is--now I'm doing a clothing purge again. I've discovered that Megan was still in 18 month sizes in the spring and summer of her second year and that I only have a few 24 month sizes for Zoe :) She's grown a bit faster.