Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday's Laugh Out Loud

Today, I've determined that the squirrels in my neighborhood are going through a suicidal phase. Another one tried to run out in front of me today as I was going to pick up the kids. Luckily, I was on squirrel-alert and was able to slow down in time. Have you ever wondered what a squirrel's suicide note would look like? Maybe like this?

Now, for some squirrel fun--

Q: How do you catch a squirrel? A: Run up a tree and act like a nut
Q Why did the chicken cross the road? A; To show the squirrel how its done.

Wanna put your squirreliness to the test? Play this mildly challenging squirrel game:


gchyayles said...

LOL hahahahaha; thanks! That was definitely a good laugh. I love the little acorn on the bottom of the note.

Misty said...

I found that pic online. Poor little suicidal squirrels.